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Liu Teng Lim
Company Position: Finance and Compliance Manager
Email Address:
Phone Number: +65 6914 9942

About LT

As an ACCA and CPA qualified accountant, she has over 10 years of experience in finance and accounting with multinational Recruitment and FinTech companies that have global coverage. With an extensive background in recruitment environment, she understands and manages the global contractor solutions with high standard of service.


LT has experience in numerous countries' accounting jurisdictions  (Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia) and have worked with the Big 4s to ensure that the company stays compliant and adheres to the highest standards. She also assist in the set-up of new overseas companies and branches in facilitating the expansion of the organizations.


LT has helped numerous organizations in not only the set up of the company incorporation and accounting systems, she has also helped to oversee the set up and operations of overseas expansions. LT also helped organizations set up the company forecast and budgeting planning framework to ensure that the organizations plan strategically and effectively. To ensure the company run smoothly, LT has also set up procedures to ensure the back-office run smoothly and ensure compliance with internal control procedures.