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Property & Real Estate

Property and Real Estate

The Real Estate and Property sector is an age old dynamic and fast moving play, and is critical for all businesses and economies globally. Annexion Property and Real Estate division is focused on powering possibilities for all stakeholders including fundraisers, developers, family offices, private equities and fund management businesses, offering top talent for organisations to maintain, upscale or transform themselves and stay sharp, relevant in the competitive economy. 

Keeping our client's vision in view, our service offering is highly consultative and flexible. Annexion's passion for a continued understanding of the latest industry disruptions, coupled with a desire for staying close to some of the most exciting thought leaders means we are well positioned to successfully partner with both candidates and clients alike. Annexion believes that by being an interlocutor for connecting all key stakeholders, we could add value in helping our partners to grow in network and industry intelligence and business profitability.

Some of the core areas we cover in Contracts and Permanent Positions include:
- Investment and Asset Management
- Fundraising and Business Development
- Project and Commercial Management
- Leasing, Facilities and Marketing Management
- Real Estate Corporate functions including Legal, Finance and Corporate Sustainability