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Sittie Nuska
Company Position: Administrative Executive
Email Address:
Phone Number: +65 6432 8317

​About Sittie

Across a vibrant 9-year career history, Sittie has actively engaged in roles spanning Executive Assistant, Recruiter, Writer, and more. Her adaptable expertise finds its roots in multifaceted experiences. Making the transition from the government sector to the private arena, she eagerly welcomes fresh challenges that propel her towards enhanced career progression. Sittie is now enthusiastically pursuing her passion for HR and recruitment.

Sittie’s strengths lie in adeptly managing multifaceted tasks and fostering meaningful connections. She possesses a keen eye for detail, a passion for crafting compelling narratives, and a knack for streamlining processes to enhance efficiency.

In her capacity as Administrative Executive at Annexion, Sittie will take on responsibilities spanning administrative support, research and analysis, HR and talent assistance, office management, communication facilitation, and diverse administrative tasks.