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Built Environment Technology

As Technology continues to disrupt all industries, the Built Environment industry is not spared. PropTech and Construction Tech will no longer be just a buzzword, but will be deeply embedded in all facets of Real Estate and Construction.

It is clear that there is a need to pick up the pace of digital transformation if industry players are going to drive efficiencies and adopt innovative and customer centric models that are key to maintaining relevance and growth. Be it specific emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), general macro-trends like the rise of more flexible business models and the sharing economy have impacts on real estate. The growth of co-working and co-living concepts featuring modern, technology-enabled and blended spaces only adds to the pressure on real estate players to be more innovative and digitally focused.

At Annexion and our parent company NextWave, we partner with various stakeholders including private equity funds, Fund Management firms, Technology firms and Operators to enable their human capital through talent mapping and acquisitions to ensure that their value gets unlocked through the assembly of the best teams.

We have worked with multiple partners to deliver the following talents:
1. Private Equity Operating Partners
2. Business Development with Real Estate Relationships
3. Architecture and BIM Specialist
4. Data Centre Specialists (From Investment, Asset Management, Sales and Marketing to Facilities)
5. Product Management
6. Hardware and Software Developers
7. Solutions Architects
8. Data Scientists