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Specialisation: Property and Real Estate
Company Position: Senior Recruitment Specialist
Email Address:
Phone Number: +65 6432 8315

​About Asher

Asher is a seasoned professional in the field of recruitment with nearly four years of invaluable hands-on experience under his belt, shaping him into a proficient and insightful talent acquisition specialist. His passion for connecting talented individuals with their ideal career opportunities has honed his skills, making him a trusted advisor in the competitive realm of human resources.

Beyond the traditional skillsets, Asher has cultivated a deep understanding of various sub-sectors of Real Estate, tailoring his approach to the unique requirements of each. Whether recruiting for technology, finance, legal, or any other sector, Asher has exhibited adaptability and a quick grasp of the specific skill sets and qualities sought by employers.


Asher excels in multicultural recruitment environments, leveraging his proficiency in multiple languages to connect with diverse talent pools. His linguistic versatility enhances communication, fosters understanding, and ensures effective collaboration across cultural boundaries, demonstrating valuable skills that enrich the recruitment experience in global settings.


The candidates that he works with:

Risk Manager
Legal Counsel
Business Analyst
Real Estate Investment Manager
Real Estate Asset Manager/Fund Manager
Business Development Manager
Sales & Marketing Managers
Property and Real Estate Corporate Executives
Finance Management (including FP&A, Treasury, Tax)
Leasing/Centre Management
General Manager